The Full Story

Second Law Lifestyle is dedicated to conserving precious natural resources for generations to come. We understand, most humans are concerned about our planet’s future but may not have time to deal with the underlying complexities related to climate science. Second Law Lifestyle provides quality products whose life cycle has been studied extensively in order to help give back to the environment in an impactful way. For every item purchased, Second Law has estimated the environmental cost of the production and use of our products in three categories: emissions, freshwater usage, and energy.
Many companies have taken initiatives to give back to the environment. Unfortunately, about 30% of the environmental impact of a t-shirt during its lifetime occurs after production. Second Law Lifestyle accounts for the entire life cycle of our products, providing you the customer with a product that produces as close to a net zero impact as possible. For every product purchased, trees will be planted in the customer’s name proportional to the emissions caused by that product. Furthermore, our company will donate profits to the sierra club proportional to energy and freshwater usage cost over the lifetime of our shirt.
For some, the 2nd law of thermodynamics is a reminder of increasing chaos in the universe. For everyone at Second Law Lifestyle, it is a reminder that we have all the tools available to us to take care of our population and use our resources more efficiently. If you are concerned about the environment and want to make a difference, look no further. If you want to learn more about climate science and how everyday decisions can make a long-term difference, look no further. And finally, if you just want some quality, guilt-free apparel, look no further. ​

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